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What is a Ceilidh?

A Ceilidh ("kay-lee": descended from the Gaelic word), means ‘gathering’ or ‘party'. However, these days a Ceilidh usually means a fun filled night of dancing to live foot stomping English, Irish & Scottish folk music in great company!

A ceilidh / barn dance is an active and very inclusive form of social dancing for people of all ages.

This makes them ideal for events such as weddings!

The dances often follow a recognisable structure, such as formations in squares, circles or lines, and a fairly regular pattern where the various dance couples do things in turn.

What is a Ceilidh - Frog on a Bike

There's also no need to know how to dance. With one of our expert callers on hand, we run you through the moves of each dance before it starts. The caller continues to guide you once the dance has started, so you won't get lost half way through!.

What is a Barn Dance?

English Ceilidh is an off shoot of the traditional Scottish & Irish ceilidh, and has it's origins in the 1960s British folk revival. In edition to English country dances, English Ceilidh encompases many aspects of  Scottish & Irish ceilidh and is often refered to as English Social Dancing or a "Barn Dance".

Essentially, a barn dance is basicially a ceilidh in all but name and shares many of the same dances and tunes associated with a traditional ceilidh.

Contrary to more recent popular belief, a barn bance in the UK has very little in common with the

1600s American Frontier "Wild West".

Not sure a ceilidh/barn dance is right for your event?

Let us convince you otherwise!



Cambridge and Ely Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike

Ceilidhs are perfect for weddings!  The evening can be tailored to bring together every guest at your wedding, irrespective of age or ability. With our expert caller to guide you, everyone can join in, even if you have never danced before.

Our philosophy is that any dance band should be as good to listen to as they are to dance with. So even if your guests are unable to dance, they get a fantastic concert to listen to.

We can tailor your wedding ceilidh your way, from playing your first dance, co-ordinating your guests to form a guard of honour as you depart, and everything in between. Let us make your wedding reception a night to remember!

Fundraisers and Festive Occations


English ceilidhs/barn dances are an excellent way to raise funds for villages, churches, clubs and other organisations. If you’re planning a Christmas, New Year or Burns Night party, you can't beat our ceilidhs/barn dances for having good fun and mixing people together.


If you are planning to include a raffle, we’re happy to run it for you on the day. We  provide gender-neutral calling as standard.



Cambridge and Ely Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike
Cambridge and Ely Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike

Wondering who to book as your significant birthday party band?

Frog on a Bike are the perfect choice! We will make your party unforgettable with lively and energetic ceilidh music that will create memories to last a lifetime!

Absolutely no previous dancing experience is needed. Our experienced musicians and expert dance caller will guide you through the traditional dances, ensuring everyone can join in and have a great time.  

Making mistakes is part of the fun, so whether you're a keen dancer or a complete ceilidh novice, our friendly and enthusiastic caller will create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, making sure everyone feels comfortable on the dance floor and has brilliant time.

Corporate Events

Whether it's a Christmas party or an end of conference networking event, a ceilidh is an ideal way to get everybody involved and enjoying themselves.

Ceilidhs create a very vibrant atmosphere, perfect for conferences and networking events, where your guests can let loose and have fun. Give your staff a unique team building event; With our interactive dances and engaging music, we can provide a unique team building experience that encourages collaboration and creates lasting memories.

How about a ceilidh for the office Christmas party? Our energetic performances will have everyone up on their feet, dancing and celebrating the night away.


Cambridge and Ely Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike
Cambridge and Ely Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike

Frog on a Bike have forged quite a reputation on the Festival dance scene and are the perfect band for your Folk Festival!


We have played ceilidhs at many of the UK's most prestigious folk festivals, including The Sidmouth Folk Festival, Towersey Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, Whitby Folk Week, Todmorden Folk Festival, Wallingford Bunkfest, and of course, our local Ely Folk Festival.

With our foot stomping sound and exuberant energy, we are the perfect band for your festival, so book now to avoid dissapointment.

Ceilidh Series

Frog on a Bike are fast becoming a staple of the wider English Ceilidh scene.


We have played for ceilidh series such as Unicorn Ceilidhs, Oxfolk and the prestigious Knees Up at Cecil Sharp House, London.

Get in touch to book us for your ceilidh series now!

Cambridge and Ely Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike