Frog on a Bike Ceilidh Band


"Tankards & Lanterns"

The new album from the Frog on a Bike Festival Band.

Due for release in July 2024!!


In the spring of 2020, during the first Covid lockdown, Frog on a Bike spawned the idea of a special 6 piece “big band”, with the specific intention of using it to play ceilidhs at major UK festivals.

This would be known as the Frog on a Bike Festival Band. 

What followed was a series of videos for YouTube entitled the “Lockdown Sessions” and, with concept proven, the Festival Band toured the 2022 & 2023 festival circuit to much acclaim.

“Tankards and Lanterns”, named in tribute to the UK folk festival scene, will be an album full of self- penned and creative interpretations of traditional tunes drawn from the English, Scottish and Irish tradition. We hope it will give the listener a taste of the frenetic folk-rock they can expect from a live performance by the Frog on a Bike Festival Band!

Frog on a Bike Festival Band personnel: E. Beasant (Electric Guitar), B. Hatt (Bass Guitar),

P. O'Neill (Drums), S. Sennett (Recorders), T. Sennett (Melodeons), T. Sparrow (Fiddles & Mandolins) 



 We have a Youtube Channel where you can hear us playing live or watch a number of music videos we have put together.

Always best heard through a good set of speakers or headphones




Vist our Bandcamp page to purchase any of our recordings.

Festival Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike - The Lockdown Sessions

The Lockdown Sessions


At the end of March 2020, Frog on a Bike had a full list of bookings wiped clean by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. These included no fewer than 4 major festivals over that spring/summer and their resurgence for 2021 was not looking hopefull come the turn of the year.


Not to be out done, we decided to play on during Lockdown and record some of our favourite tunes with  our festival line-up. All in isolation from our homes.


Featuring Edwin, Heather, Paul, Sarah, Tim and Tom, these are the Lockdown Sessions.

Recorded at home by members of the band and sound mixed by Edwin Beasant.

20% of the revenue from the sale of each track will go to Help Musicians.

The videos that accompany these recordings can be found on our Youtube channel

Cambridge and Ely Ceilidh Band - Frog on a Bike - Velocipede


(from the Latin: velox, veloc- ‘swift’ + pes, ped- ‘foot’)


Velocipede is our most recent studio album. Released in June 2016, it's full of fantastic bouncy tunes, including some of our own, a plethora of different instruments and even a few songs too!


Recorded by Anahata at Treewind Studios, Suffolk


You can also read a review of this album in The Living Tradition magazine.

“This is certainly a band that I would like to hear live, having enjoyed this studio session.”

The Living Tradition, January 2017

"Listen to their album and dance to your heart's delight" Chris Leslie (Fairport Convention)

This album is absolutely superb. Such lovely music is becoming rarer in England these days; hats off to you for keeping it alive.”

Sam Bleaden, purchaser

EP Frog on a bike ceilidh band

Promotional EP

A 6 track EP produced in 2011. Now available as a download only.

Recorded by Anahata at Treewind Studios, Suffolk

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