Meet the Band

Meet the Band


Frog on a Bike has over 100 years of playing experience between them and look forward to entertaining you at your ceilidh, barn dance, wedding or festival.


Our repertoire is very much rooted in English folk music, both traditional and contemporary. We also boast two very talented tunesmiths of our own.


However, plenty of Scottish, Irish and even some French tunes may be thrown in just for good measure. We sing songs too!


All in all, we strive to play foot-stomping tunes with verve and vigor. We like to have as much fun up on stage as you do on the dance floor, so we can guarantee that you will not be able to resist getting on your feet.



Frog on a Bike Ceilidh Band

Tom: Melodeons, Concertina & Composer


Tom has been involved in traditional music and dance since the age of ten, when his primary school performed at the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival. He took up the melodeon aged 12 and has played for several Morris sides – currently he is the lead musician for Chiltern Hundreds North West Clog Morris and is a founder member of Rockingham Rapper.


He was a New Roots finalist in 2005 and has driven the Straw Bear several times.

Photo Credit: Carl Turner

Sarah: Recorders & Composer


Sarah has been writing tunes and songs ever since she learned to talk. She sung in four different continents with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain in the 1990s, and also played in the now-defunct folk duo Full Tilt before joining Frog on a Bike.


She is also the lead musician for Rockingham Rapper, and can play Speed the Plough in 17.5 seconds – with an award from Whitby Folk Week to prove it!

Tim: Fiddle, Hardanger Fiddle, Mandolin, Octave Mandola


Tim joined Frog on a Bike in 2014 fresh from the Cambridge University Ceilidh Band, replacing melodeon player Serena on the line-up.


He has been playing folk music, with particular emphasis on the English tradition, for many years. However, it was only after he'd been to his very first Fairport Convention concert in 2006 that he found a particular love for Folk-Rock and was hooked on all other things folk for life!


Over the years, Tim's main musical influences have been muscians such as Chris Leslie, Dave Swarbrick and Ric Sanders, to name but a few.


With 4 instruments on stage, and a grand total of 28 strings to tune between them, Tim usually has to arrive at gigs sooner than most. But not many ceilidh bands can boast a Hardanger Fiddle amongst their arsonal!


Away from the band, Tim is a Violin Maker, Morris dancer and currently main musician for Cambridge based Cotswold side Granta Blue Morris, having also danced and played with Cambridge Morris Men and Old Speckled Hen Morris respectively.



Phil: Bass


Phil has been playing in and around Cambridgeshire since the early 70s, mostly in folk or folk rock bands, duos and trios.


He will have a bash at most stringed instruments (except for fiddle; he leaves that to Tim) plus keyboards and even a Bb tuba !!!


Phil is semi retired now, so if not playing, you'll most likely find him gardening or at a fishing lake near you!

Den : Drums and Percussion


Den is a founder member of Frog on a Bike and started his drumming career in the Boys Brigade at the age of 12.


He’s been involved in the folk scene for many years, ran the Spalding Folk Club and once had a long bodhran solo immortalised on BBC Radio 2's folk show as their introduction to a broadcast from Revesby Folk Day.


As well as being our intrepid drummer, Den is also our resident artist. Our album covers and our signature band cartoon are all the work of his talented hands!



Lyn: Manager and in-house Caller


Without Lyn, Frog simply would not function. As well as being our resident caller, she’s the one who organises all our gigs and makes sure that the band are ready to make your occasion a perfect success.


Lyn was also involved with the running of the Spalding folk club and, during the annual Tulip Parade, persuaded tourists to dance in the street while the folk club played tunes on the folk bus.


At our gigs, once Lyn has given our dancers a chance for bit of a breather, you can normally find her joining in with the rest of the band on autoharp, maracas, triangle or tambourine for our between-dance sets.

And not forgetting the Frog!


Froggy (renamed umpteen times by small children at weddings) is the last survivor from a 1920s Leeds Theatre production of Toad of Toad Hall.


He is made of rag and wood and originally had a flame on a stick which ‘lime lit' the stage. Rescued from the abandoned theatre and lovingly renovated, he is now as much a member of the band as the rest of us.


He has been on stage for longer than we have, so as you can tell, he is very professional!