Vist our Bandcamp page to hear our foot tapping music. You can check out and purchase our brand new studio album, Velocipede, here too, as well as our past work.



Velocipede Frog on a bike ceilidh band



Velocipede is our exciting new studio album. Released in June 2016, it's full of fantastic bouncy tunes, including some of our own, a plethora of different instruments and even a few songs too!


Recorded by Anahata at Treewind Studios, Suffolk


You can also read a review of this album in The Living Tradition magazine.

On the Wireless!


It's unlikely that you will hear us on mainstream radio, but there are some lovely independent radio shows out there who are more than happy to give us some air time occasionally.


Below are some links to radio programs we have appeared on:


Cam Folk on Cam FM,

Cambridge University's Student Radio Station

Programs featured:

The Major Third 11/11/16, Bernoulli Polynomial 6/1/17



EP Frog on a bike ceilidh band

Promotional EP 2011


6 Track EP produced in 2011 with Frog's previous line up for band promotional purposes. Now available as a download only.


Recorded by Anahata at Treewind Studios, Suffolk

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