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Velocipede Frog on a bike ceilidh band



Velocipede is our exciting new studio album. Released in June 2016, it's full of fantastic bouncy tunes, including some of our own, a plethora of different instruments and even a few songs too!


Recorded by Anahata at Treewind Studios, Suffolk


You can also read a review of this album in The Living Tradition magazine.

“This is certainly a band that I would like to hear live, having enjoyed this studio session.”

The Living Tradition, January 2017


This album is absolutely superb. Such lovely music is becoming rarer in England these days; hats off to you for keeping it alive.”

Sam Bleaden, purchaser


EP Frog on a bike ceilidh band

Promotional EP


6 Track EP produced in 2011. Now available as a download only.


Recorded by Anahata at Treewind Studios, Suffolk

On the radio


We have been regularly given airplay by Cam Folk on Cam FM:


Cam Folk on Cam FM,

Cambridge University's Student Radio Station


Programmes featured:

The Major Third 11/11/16, Bernoulli Polynomial 6/1/17



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