What do the band need?


- Frog on a Bike bring all their own PA equipment. All you need is at least one 13 amp mains power socket and enough 'Stage' space for a full drum kit and five musicians with about 11 instruments between them. This would ideally be roughly 15 x 10 Ft. We are happy to play at floor level, as long as we are not at risk of being crashed into by dancers! We are more than happy to advise on the ideal setup when we see the room on arrival.


- Parking for a long wheelbase Transit van and at least one other vehicle is also desirable for loading and unloading of PA equipment etc.


- If food could be provided for the band, this is always greatly appreciated. We often have to travel a fair distance to and from a gig, meaning there is not always time for dinner. If food cannot be provided, then please confirm this with us at the time of contract exchange or at least 48hrs before the event so we know to make alternative arrangements.


When will the band arrive?


Frog on a Bike usually arrive one hour before the start of a booking for setting up and a sound check. However, for weddings, the reception is often held in the same hall or marquee as the evening entertainment, in which case we can come half an hour before the start and work a lot faster.


Also, for weddings, as the guests usually arrive before the band, it's helpful to save the band a parking spot near the entrance for speedy off loading.


How long do Frog on a Bike play for?


As a rule, for ceilidhs, Frog on a Bike play up to four hours, including a half hour break for refreshments. However, for private functions, such as weddings and parties we're always happy to fit in with how you may have planned the evening and give friendly advice.


How much do Frog on a Bike charge?


Our charge is dependent on distance, time, venue and occasion, so please contact us for a no obligation quote and to make sure we are available for your event. You can also keep an eye on where we are and when by logging onto our Facebook page.


Where do Frog on a Bike play?


Frog are based in and around Cambridge and South Lincolnshire. We've played at festivals, squeezed our equipment through the ancient portals of Cambridge University, had 6 foot Scotsmen cavorting in a conservatory trying to avoid hanging baskets and even entertained on a trailer for a Sheep Fair. What we love to do most is spend delightful evenings in churches, school and village halls, hotels, barns and marquees, playing for dance and entertaining your good selves.


We play ceilidhs all over Cambridgeshire, South Lincolnshire, Rutland, Norfolk, Suffolk and surrounding areas. We have also been known to travel down as far as Barnet for the evening. To put it another way, as long as we can get to the gig and back in one hop (no pun intended), we'll go just about anywhere.


Frog on a Bike also play festivals!. We are already booked for Ely Folk Festival and Towersey Festival so far in 2018.


Can I take photos and videos?


Yes, please do!! We are more than happy for you to upload any videos or photos of us to youtube or other such formats. All we ask is that you credit who we are and give a link to our website if you can.

A few things that we often get asked which you may need to know.